The Water Kock is a custom boat outdrive accessory made right here in the US to shoot a rooster tail off your outdrive. It features easy installation and removal. The Water Kock's rooster tails can reach as high as 20 ft. and up to 150 ft. in length. It's fast becoming the latest trend for boats with outdrives. It comes in 2 different models: high and low angles.

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Water Kock

Our Story

I love the boating community and everyone that’s a part of it. As a fellow boater, I’m always thinking of new ways to show off my boat without spending a ton of dough. One thing that always came to mind is how I love jet boats & big horsepower boats with NXT drives/surface props and how they’re able to shoot big rooster tails off their boats. It’s a real head turner. Unfortunately, I’m running a stock Bravo 1 outdrive so that wasn’t possible--until now.

Eighteen months later with a bunch of time and dough invested, I came up with “The Water Kock.” It attaches under the cavitation plate of your outdrive, and once your boat is up on plane, it starts to work. The faster you go, the longer it shoots a rooster tail; on some boats, up to 150 feet long.


Love my Water Kock. It's a pretty bad ass roost.
Charlie BartholfBenton, KY
Everything’s bigger in Texas.
Travis GibbonsDumas, TX
Great Product. Awesome Idea. Love the Tail.
Scott CashionMontreal Canada
It's more than what I expected.
Dominic LathamOgdensburg, NY

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We’re constantly improving the Water Kock design, so supplies are limited.


Water Kock

Features of The Water Kock

Quality Product

Patented Design: Water Kocks are made here in America with American-made materials and labor, using ¼” plating and T-6 Aluminum grade metal with stainless steel screws, washers and nylock nuts for durability.

Easy to Install

Comes with all hardware needed. Can be installed in 10 minutes or less, once holes are drilled. Line it up, mark your holes, drill and bolt on snug. Simple instructions included. Drive shower? Just drill an extra couple of holes in the Water Kock and bolt it back on.

Excellent Design

A lot of design, trial and testing went into our Water Kock’s design, so we added counter-sinked holes and, beveled the cav. plate edge to minimize drag.

Huge Rooster Tails

Depending on how fast you go, we’ve seen rooster tails shoot as far as 150ft. Once your boat is on plane, it starts to work.

High Speed Version Available

High speeds runs can possibly cause harmonics to the Water Kock, that’s why we designed and include special braces that connect to your trim pin for solid stability. Comes with braces, hardware and directions for easy installation.

People Love It

From the water to the shore, it’s hard not to notice your boat standing out from the rest as your rooster tail shoots out the back of your vessel. If you water-ski or do tubing, you can easily unbolt it in 5 minutes, or, get a longer tow rope. Haa!


Due to so many variables of all the different kinds of boats out there, plus the high cost of building these Water Kock’s here in America, we are unable give out refunds. Before you purchase one, we highly recommend you contact us first: to make sure we’re a good match for your boat. We don’t want you not love it.

Water Kock Drag

"Every boat is different when it comes to drag. If your boat is heavy, underpowered and over propped, than this product isn’t for you. I can only tell you what other Water Kock owners are telling me. My 21’ Baja Hammer only loses 2mph but your boat may have different results. For some reason your Water Kock is causing too much drag on your boat, there is a way to reduce that issue even more. Contact Bob at and I'll be glad to help. It's a fun product and it turns a lot of heads and I just want you guys to love it like so many others do too."

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